• July 6, 2021

‘The world’s best selfie camera’ – Recode’s Jason Calacanis

The world’s leading smartphone camera manufacturer has unveiled a new device aimed at capturing photos of your every move.

The HTC 10, which has a 6-inch 1080p screen, has a 2MP front-facing camera and a 2.3MP rear-facing sensor.

The camera itself is the same size as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and LG’s G5.

The new HTC 10 comes with the new HTC Sense 6 software.

Weighing 1.15kg, the device is 0.8mm thicker than the iPhone 7, and it measures 6.5mm thin.

We also found the camera to be a lot sharper than the Galaxy S8’s.

This camera has a 1080p sensor, which means it has to be capable of a bit more depth.

But we’re not entirely sure what that means in practice.

It’s unclear whether the camera captures the best possible image from a single angle or whether it can take a wide variety of angles, with the ability to focus on your face and your body.

We’re not sure whether HTC has designed the HTC 10 to capture more than one picture per frame.

HTC is touting a very wide variety at this price, but we’re also not sure how well it’s designed for capturing the best of both worlds.

The front-firing camera and the 2MP sensor are very similar, with a 5-megapixel camera in the back of the device and a 7-megaphone in the front.

HTC Sense has also been tweaked to be more useful, with improved AI features, a more customizable UI, and a new camera mode called Image Plus.

HTC said it will offer a dedicated app for the HTC Sense app, which will allow users to control the camera and settings of the HTC device.

In addition, the HTC Camera app will also let users easily add, edit, and delete photos from their HTC devices, as well as control the device’s camera settings.

HTC has not yet announced pricing for the new device.

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