• July 18, 2021

I used to love Facebook’s custom picture album. Now I hate it.

Hacker News users have responded with anger to an article posted by a user who claims to have used Facebook’s photo album feature on his phone.

The user, who goes by the name of “Dontnod,” has posted a series of videos and screenshots that he claims show his phone receiving pictures from a Facebook account belonging to a friend of his.

The videos show the phone receiving photos of people he has interacted with on Facebook, which includes friends he hasn’t seen in a while, and people he didn’t know who are now in his photos.

In one of the videos, a picture is sent to the phone after it was downloaded, and it shows a picture of a man with his arm around a woman.

The screen of the phone flashes white, and the text “My friends, no more pictures of me.”

It’s unclear what happened to the other images that were sent to it.

“My phone will not allow me to see pictures of people I have not seen in months,” the user wrote in the first video.

“And, yes, it will only be able to send a few pictures to a specific friend.”

The second video shows a woman who is the subject of the second video receiving a photo from a friend who had sent it to her friend, and seeing it in her phone.

“The pictures sent to me by my friend are completely fake.

I am sure I will get messages from them later on,” she said.

The third video shows the phone’s screen showing messages from friends of the user who sent the pictures.

“I’m so upset, and I’m not going to let that happen,” the woman said.

“These are the people who I’ve been talking to for months and months.

They are my friends, and they need to stop sending me pictures of strangers.

I have never been harassed, and yet this is how they treat me.”

Facebook’s privacy policy states that “the privacy settings you choose in your account settings allow you to control how information you share with us, including your pictures, is used and used for purposes such as ad targeting.”

Users who have complained to Facebook have received an error message, but have not yet been able to see the videos and photos.

“Facebook has the power to block the pictures sent from your phone,” the message from Facebook reads.

“However, we don’t block the videos or photos sent to you.

We only block the images sent to your phone.

This means that photos sent from you will not be visible to people in your friends list.

You can block the photos and videos sent to other people from your friends in the settings page.”

Users have also commented on the articles in response to the posts, including some who believe the photos were sent by a friend to the user’s phone.

In response to one such comment, the Hacker News user wrote: “It’s amazing how many people hate Facebook because it lets them see your friends photos.

It’s the same as being a child or a stranger.

They just don’t want to get in the way of your friends.”

In a blog post, the user said that he has received multiple messages from Facebook claiming the phone was sending pictures to its own accounts, including to his friend.

The Hacker News article also notes that “DONTNOD” is an alias of a person with the same name, which is the account holder of a popular video game game subreddit called The Game Grumps.

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