• August 10, 2021

How to get a tattoo without breaking the law

How to Get A Tattoo Without Breaking The Law (Picture) 1.

Get a tattoo of a giant picture of yourself 2.

Get one with a star in the center 3.

Get an eagle on your chest 4.

Have the word ‘T’ on your forearm 5.

Have a picture of your favorite animal 6.

Have an animal on your arm 7.

Get the word “T” on your tongue 8.

Get tattooed on your neck 9.

Get your own picture in the tattoo shop 10.

Get paid for your tattoo 11.

Buy a tattoo 12.

Sell your tattoo 13.

Buy something for a tattoo 14.

Take a picture with your tattoo 15.

Take pictures with your friends and family 16.

Have your picture displayed in a restaurant 17.

Make a video for your video 18.

Make your own video 19.

Become a video commentator 20.

Get tattoos in a bar 21.

Get something for your tattoos 22.

Get out of your car and get a ride with a tattoo 23.

Take your first walk with your own tattoo 24.

Get two tattoos 25.

Buy yourself a tattoo from a tattoo artist 26.

Get yourself tattooed 27.

Get topless with your body 28.

Get nude selfies with your family 29.

Get on a flight with your first tattoo 30.

Get naked in front of your family 31.

Get drunk and make a video of yourself with a bikini 32.

Get someone else naked on a plane 33.

Get caught in a traffic jam and make your own traffic jam video 34.

Get fined for being drunk and having a bikini tattoo 35.

Get in trouble for a drunken driving accident 36.

Get arrested for driving while drunk 37.

Get hit by a car and have a tattoo 38.

Get kicked out of a party for being a drunken driver 39.

Get fired for having a tattoo 40.

Get beaten up by a friend and have your own tattoos 41.

Get killed in a car accident 42.

Get pregnant and have an abortion 43.

Get robbed for wearing your own clothes 44.

Get sued for having your own skin tattooed 45.

Get into a fight and have tattooed skin 46.

Get slapped in the face by a police officer 47.

Get raped and have tattoos 48.

Get stabbed by a knife and have the tattooed blood on your body 49.

Get shot by a gun and have ink on your skin 50.

Get struck in the head by a shotgun 51.

Get murdered by a drunk driver 52.

Get stoned and have skin on your head 53.

Get eaten by a shark 54.

Get blown up by an exploding vehicle 55.

Get thrown into the sky by a bomb and have wings 56.

Get attacked by a helicopter and have you own wings 57.

Get bitten by a scorpion and have venom on your legs 58.

Get burned by a candle and have it burn your skin 59.

Get burnt to a crisp and have its wings burn off 60.

Get put in a hot car and heat up your body 61.

Get taken to the hospital and have heat burned inside of you 62.

Get injected with some kind of poison and have some of your own blood splatter on your back 63.

Get turned into a monster and have claws on your arms 64.

Get cut in half by a laser gun 65.

Get blasted by a cannonball 66.

Get sucked into a wormhole 67.

Get stuck in a bubble and have bubbles coming out of it 68.

Get knocked into the ground and have gravity force your head down 69.

Get crushed by a giant statue and have tentacles on your feet 70.

Get sent flying into the ocean 71.

Get ripped apart by a flying fish and have one of its tentacles rip you apart 72.

Get smacked in the back of the head and have pieces of your face fly around 73.

Get punched in the mouth and have bits of your mouth fly off 74.

Get slammed into the floor and have things fly off 75.

Get jumped by a horse and have horses kick you 76.

Get dragged into a burning building and have flaming torches burn you out 77.

Get set on fire by a firework and have flames fly out 78.

Get pinned against a wall by a rope and have ropes flying through the air 79.

Get blinded by a light source and have to put a blindfold on yourself 80.

Get drenched in blood and have blood splatters all over you 81.

Get pierced by a spear and have people stab you 82.

Get smashed by a grenade and have bombs explode on your corpse 83.

Get pulled from a burning car and be taken to a hospital 84.

Get run over by a speeding car and end up in a hospital 85.

Get lost and end in a ditch 86.

Get injured by a falling tree and end at a hospital 87.

Get strangled by a tree branch and end your life 88.

Get trapped under a rock and end by a rescue helicopter 89.

Get kidnapped by a bear and end with a bear sticking its

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