• August 12, 2021

How to Get Away With Murder: My Life as a Serial Killer

In the late 1990s, a man named Stephen G. Breeding sat in a darkened room with his wife and daughter.

A colleague had sent him a series of photos of the crime scene, which were taken over a period of several weeks.

Breeder knew the photos, but he hadn’t told them the names of the suspects.

“He didn’t tell me what they were,” Breeding said.

Breading, who worked as a forensic investigator, was working on the case when he was hired by the LAPD as an expert witness.

In 1999, Breeding was indicted on two counts of murder in the first degree.

He was eventually convicted of murdering two women, Jennifer Egan and Lisa J. Burdett, who were found dead in their home on the night of April 28, 2001.

The men had been murdered by Breeding’s partner, Robert Riggs, in their Los Angeles home.

Breeds trial was a dramatic and bloody one, and he faced life in prison without parole for each of the murders.

Breedings trial was also unusual in that it was the first time Breeding had ever been indicted on murder in connection with a murder he had committed.

Brees lawyers at the time described him as a “serial killer” and said that the case was “clearly a case of mistaken identity.”

During his trial, Breeds defense attorneys argued that the police had planted evidence against him that made it impossible for him to be convicted.

But Breeding vehemently denied the allegations, saying he never killed anyone and had only acted out of self-defense.

In a 2004 interview with NPR, Breeder said he had never committed a crime, and that he had not even been able to get a lawyer who would take him on as a client in the case.

Breedy’s trial was the most expensive criminal trial in California history, and Breeding spent years on death row.

Breeden, who was released in 2008, was finally exonerated in March 2016.

In his new book, The Man Who Killed Three Women, Breeden recounts his life as a serial killer.

The story is told from Breedings perspective and includes graphic details about the crime and his subsequent recovery.

Bregger told NPR that he was a young man with a family of four who was very good with children and loved them dearly.

He had a hard time finding a job, and his parents told him he needed help.

Breger said he tried to be very self-sufficient and help others.

When he was in his early 20s, Bregger says he met an acquaintance named Jason.

Breering met Jason through a mutual friend, but when Jason left Breeding, he became depressed and began killing women.

The two men spent time together in the early 2000s, and they eventually broke up.

Breing was not the first to kill women in Los Angeles.

In 2002, he killed three women, including the mother of his two young daughters, and injured two more.

Breer told NPR in his book that he felt the women were not really his victims.

“I feel like they’re not really victims,” Breer said.

“It wasn’t really a case, because I killed the women and it wasn’t their fault, but I killed them because I was depressed and wanted to be with my kids.”

Breeding lived for decades with his mother in an apartment in the city’s Westside, but in 2003, he moved back to his family’s home in San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles International Airport.

In 2006, Brelling was convicted of the first-degree murder of an 18-year-old woman, Amanda Todd.

He spent 18 years in prison, and after Breeding lost his appeal in 2007, he was transferred to a state prison in Riverside.

He says that in 2006, he started to see signs of psychosis and was experiencing hallucinations.

“As I got older, I started seeing things that I couldn’t explain,” Breering said.

He believes that some of his hallucinations were a result of his schizophrenia.

In 2008, Breering’s sister filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Breeding.

In 2010, Brearing was exonerated after the California Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

But when Breeding filed his wrongful death suit, he said he felt guilty and wanted revenge.

“You know, I was a man who wanted to kill people, so I was hoping that this would change my life,” Breing said.

During his time in prison Breeding also had several affairs.

In the years that followed, he and his ex-wife had an argument that led to an emotional breakdown.

“They ended up killing themselves, and it was just so horrible,” Breedinger said.

When Breeding started his prison sentence, Breying’s attorney asked Breeding if he could go to California for treatment.

Brearing declined, but his lawyer later asked him if he would be willing to see a psychiatrist if he got out.

In March 2016, Breuding went to

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