• August 15, 2021

How to Create Polaroid Photo Albums on the Mac

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a Polaroid photo album, which you can store on your hard drive.

To do this, open up a Finder window and navigate to the folder where you saved the photo album previously.

Next, open the Photos app, tap the menu button and select Create Albums.

This opens a dialog box that will ask you to create an account for the Polaroid app, and then ask you whether you want to save a new image or not.

Tap Yes.

Next to the new photo album icon, you’ll see the options to choose an image or to create the new album.

The latter option is the default, so let’s go with the latter.

If you choose to create this new album, you can save it to your hard disk, but it won’t be accessible from the Finder, unless you restart your computer.

If you choose the former, you won’t need to restart.

Once you’re done creating the album, click Save and you’ll be taken to the Polaroids homepage.

Click the + sign next to the Album icon and select Edit.

You’ll see a window that looks like this:If you open up the Photos tab, you should see an icon next to your album name.

You can drag the image to the top of the page, then right-click it and select Export as Picture.

This will take you to a page with a menu that looks something like this.

If it’s not, tap OK and then click OK again.

If everything looks good, you’re all set.

You should now have a picture album called Photo Album on your Mac.

If all goes well, you might see something like the following:If everything looks OK, you may see the following message appear in the upper right corner of your Photos app:That’s because Polaroid is using a background image as a thumbnail for its thumbnail.

To remove that background image, go to the Photos menu, tap Delete Thumbnails, and select Remove Background Image.

If this doesn’t remove the background image immediately, you will need to manually remove it in Photos later.

To do that, go back to the photos app, then tap the gear icon in the lower right corner, and tap Settings.

In the Settings menu, you need to click Add New Item.

In this dialog box, select a thumbnail image from the list.

If the thumbnail image isn’t in the list, select it.

If your photo album is named Polaroid, you’ve selected the wrong thumbnail image.

Click OK.

You can also remove this background image if you want, or you can delete it if you don’t want it.

To delete the background picture, tap Remove Background and select the thumbnail you want.

You’re done.

Now that you’ve deleted the background thumbnail image, you want a new thumbnail image for it.

You do that by selecting it from the thumbnail list.

Tap Delete from the context menu and select a new thumbnails thumbnail.

When you’re finished, tap Save to open up your photo albums in Photos again.

You may notice that your new thumbs thumbnail now has a different background image instead of the one you chose earlier.

If so, you didn’t delete the thumbnail properly, or the thumbnail wasn’t selected correctly.

When you’re ready to remove the thumbnail from the album you created, select the thumbnails image from your Photos library and tap the Remove thumbnail button.

You will now be taken back to your photos app.

You might see the thumbnail thumbnail that you selected earlier now appears instead of what you chose.

Tap the Remove thumbnails button again to clear the album’s thumbnail image cache.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you could try clearing the cache of all your thumbnails by going to Photos > General > Photos and tapping Clear cache.

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