• August 24, 2021

The best and worst photos taken at the boudoir

The photos you see in this article have been curated from our collection.

The collection includes some very special moments, such as a time we took a few pictures of the lovely Lady Elizabeth, with the caption: ‘She has a great laugh, but I can’t help thinking it’s going to make her more vulnerable.’

Or, of course, the time we snapped a picture of an elderly lady in a long-sleeved top, who was just about to fall asleep, before a photo was taken of her with her feet up in the air.

And of course the most incredible of the bunch, of which there are many, is this photo of the lady from the back of the photo booth.

She’s wearing her signature blue skirt and stockings.

The lady is so adorable.

The photo of this woman is so amazing.

We wish we could take the photo again.

In fact, I am going to take a selfie with her, as well.

And we hope you will too.

The photos are also curated by the photographer, David Stapleton.

He also took a photo of a group of girls, all of whom were dressed to the nines.

One of the girls is wearing a blue dress.

Another one is wearing the classic red crop top, and another is wearing jeans and a long, black dress with a flower on it.

The final photo, from the booth, shows the photographer sitting at the booth with his camera, taking a selfie.

There’s also a photo taken with a camera phone and a tablet, showing a couple of women sitting down and talking, and a young girl holding a book, which she is reading to herself.

She is clearly enjoying the book.

And then there’s a photo where a woman is wearing her traditional black, long-skirted dress, with a long red skirt.

And her legs are up.

This photo is one of the most touching.

The photographer takes a picture with a phone with the camera turned on, and then holds it up to the woman, with her legs up in a pose that is clearly uncomfortable for her.

She then puts her arms out, and smiles.

This is how we like it, the woman says to the photographer.

The woman’s husband also took the photo.

He told The Irish Post that the photo he took with his iPhone was of his wife, who looked just like she did back in the day, wearing a pink shirt, blue skirt, and long, white boots.

This woman looks just like the woman he married 40 years ago, and that’s just one of many amazing moments captured in these photos.

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