• September 1, 2021

‘Dangal: Anamal ka darshan’ : Aamal naam hai, dangal hai (Aamal and dangals make love in the forest)

Aamali Bapat, the eldest daughter of the late actor and director Aamir Khan, has made a surprise album, titled ‘Dangsal: The Daughter of the Actor’, featuring her first music video for a film titled ‘Aamali ka Darshan’.

The album is titled ‘Bharati darshana ka dangala’.

It is the first song Bapatt has made for the film.

It was made in January last year and released last week.

In the video, Bapati talks about how she had a dream of becoming an actress.

In her words, she had been dreaming of becoming a mother and had become one at the age of 21.

The song is sung by a woman who plays a small part in the movie.

Aamila’s mother, Deepak, who is also a producer in the film, shared the video on her Instagram account.

The video has received more than 1 million views and more than 6.5 lakh likes.

The song, which features the band Bollywood Singers and a female singer, is titled Dangsal.

The lyrics read, “Anamal kha kya dangalya hai.

Aamalis dangAL.

Aa raksha hai hai aur dangalo”.

Bapati says she first got a dream that her father, actor Aamil Khan, would make an album.

The dream was fulfilled and Aamalin’s family decided to go for the recording.

The album was produced by Bollywood producer Deepak Bapar.

Bapats father, Aamils elder brother Aamila, also plays a minor role in the song.

The Bollywood Singer said, “I was inspired by my mother.

She used to sing at the cinema with us when she was little.

I was always a huge fan of her music.

I am glad that we can now release this song together with Deepak.

We are going to make an amala film together.”

The band Bamboozled wrote the lyrics, “Aamalis hai aashad kya aur daroon, aur bahut kya kya, aur kya aashadi kya” which means “Aali dangale mein darshant kya hai”.

The lyrics also have the following tagline: “It’s a dream.

You can only go for it if you want it”.

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